Waste Paper
  • At JBC we can offer the supply of various grades of Waste Paper sourced from Leading Recycling Facilities based in Europe.
  • As we are a One-Stop-Shop, our customers benefit in terms of Pricing; Quality; Delivery Lead Times; Complete and Consistent Flow of Information; and Complete and Timely Documentation.
  • Cardboard (OCC)- Commercial, Industrial and Household; Shredded Office Paper (SOP); Sorted Office Waste (SOW); Soft Mix; Hard Mix; Printer's Mix; Newsprint; News & Pams; Old Magazines; NCC; Over Issue; etc.
  • Due to the fact that over the years JBC has been able to develop strong and close working relationships with various recycling companies based in Europe, we are able to personally monitor the loading of the waste paper into 40ft High Cube Containers in order to ensure that quality levels and optimum tonnage levels are maintained.